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Vickie Sperry

Interior Designer


Vickie's love for interior design began in childhood playing with doll houses, dreaming of the time she could make real homes beautiful. This dream eventually took her to Atlanta where she studied Interior Design at Stratford Women's College. Over the years, Vickie's style has been influenced by southern homes of Atlanta, French and Spanish architecture of New Orleans, as well as the tropical styles of Florida. She lived in Europe for a time where the influences of old world architecture and gardens brought a new dimension to her designs.


Vickie has worked as an Interior Designer for several years, as well as owning her own design business. She has also been featured in nine issues of Spaces magazine. Vickie loves meeting with clients one-on-one in order to hear what they want out of their spaces and then giving them a new space that is personal to them, fits within their budget and becomes that beautiful room to come home to.